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About Our App

Keep a record of all your stuff details with My Stuff Organizer: Home Inventory Management Application. Whether you go for Home appliances or Books, Beauty Products, Furniture, Electronic Products, Music Instruments, Sports essentials, Gadgets, Gardening stuff, Toys, Branded Stuff, Photography related Products, Games, Baby Products, Artistic Products, Antiques.. anything or everything.

Categorize things

Distribute your Stuff Category wise, as you will get different category wise Folders to add your stuff. You can add a custom name of your category. Category like Books, Beauty Products, Furniture,Utensils, Electronic Products, Music Instruments, Sports essentials, Gadgets, Gardening stuff, Toys, Branded Stuff, Photography related Products, Games, Baby Products, Artistic Products, Antiques, Repairing Toolkit etc.

Guarantee/Warranty Reminder

You can easily get reminders for any of your products whether it is Health care products, Beauty Products, Electronic Products, Music Instruments,etc. As many times we forget about expiry dates of beauty or health care products and end up using such products unawared. Same with electronic products, you can get servicing done if you get a reminder of warranty expiration before a week of it’s getting end.

Add Purchase Date, Price & Place

You can check Your stuff details either Category wise, Place wise, People wise or in accordance with your Lend/borrow stuff Status. Add Name of your Product, Photo of Product, set category, add Purchase date as well as Expiry date of that stuff, if it’s there, add Quantity, Add Price and that will automatically add up in total expense of that perticular category. You can even put the place from where you have purchased, Stuff Status and details can also be get added manually.

Add Lend/ Borrow Details of Stuff

Yes, manytimes, we forget that we have our stuff to whom and when. Now My stuff Organizer will keep your record that who did you lent your stuff, and when. In a same way, when you borrow a stuff from your friends, My stuff Organizer will store your data, and also help you to plan returning of that thing, once your work done. So this Lend/ Borrow Stuff option will help you to keep all the history of your stuff exchange with your multiple friends.

Add barcode

You can add custom barcodes for your stuff, if you want to keep a stock of them. Also can link Barcode by scanning to the product which is already having barcode. By this way you can store and arrange many stuff as a stock, not only for Home purpose, but also for Business purpose. Barcode will help you for checking the availability of Stock.

Quick Backup & Restore data

You can keep backup of all stuff details that you added in App, in case your phone gets stolen or you want to add those details in any other device. You can share stuff details with family & friends, keep backup and also Restore it once you want it back.

How The App Works?


Download My Stuff Organizer: For Home inventory Management Application from Play store on Android / App store on iOS.

Add stuff with details

Add Category, place,Name of your Product, Purchase date, Expiry date, Quantity, Price, Photo of product, Lend/Borrow, Stuff status, out of stock status, Barcode, Product specification.

Backup & Restore

Keep easy & quick backup of all your stuff details, also restore it when required. With the help of backup, you can get back all your data and restore them back too.

Export & Share

Share your stuff details with your Friends & family and inspire them to follow your stuff management habit.You can also Export stuff details.

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For all Your stuff management Activities, My Stuff organizer is a one stop solution having all required features to track details of your Stuff by adding category, place, purchase date, photo of the product, Barcode for product and many more details. You can get application freely available on Play store as well as App Store.